What are the Different Types of Corsets?

What are the Different Types of Corsets?

If you’ve ever thought ‘what are the different types of corsets?’ then this blog post will explain all. Find out everything you need to know about underbusts, overbusts and more here...

Whether you are considering investing in your first corset, or you simply want to add to your collection, taking the time to understand the different corsets available is well worth the extra effort. In better understanding the different types of corsets, you can determine exactly which style will work best for your needs. Here are the main styles to consider, and how to wear them…

1.Underbust Corset

First up is the underbust - the clue is in the name with this one. An underbust corset sits just below the bust, and therefore does not offer support to the breasts. Underbusts are mostly worn as supportive undergarments and to reduce the size of the waist, but they can also be worn on top of clothing as a fashion statement.

You will need to wear a good supportive bra with your underbust corset. Typically this style provides a good waist reduction to achieve an hourglass shape, it can also help with your posture and will provide support to the back.

The main advantage of this style is how versatile it is - you could invest in a simple plain underbust corset and be able to wear it in a number of different ways, both over and under clothing.

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2. Overbust

An overbust is the most classic corset style, and usually what you might think of when asked to picture a corset. This style covers the bust and generally ends just above the hips. Overbust corsets lift the bust while also reducing the waistline, they offer support to the back too.

Overbusts can be worn alone, under clothing or over clothing, making this quite possibly the most versatile corset style. You might even consider wearing this style alone with a pair of skinny jeans or fitted leather trousers for a night out, or under a dress to create a desirable hourglass figure.

Overbusts come in a range of styles, with many being designed to be seen. We have created a collection of corset tops - an overbust style that can be worn as a top and styled with jeans, trousers or a skirt.

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3. Waspie

A waspie is a type of underbust corset but shorter. Essentially a very wide belt, a waspie sits around your torso to pull in your waist. Waspies are also considered to be waist trainers, and can be used to deliver more permanent results to reduce the waist size. Generally they are worn under clothing, but can also be worn as a fashion piece over dresses, blouses and tops.

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Now that you fully understand the types of corsets available to you, take some time to determine your perfect size using our size guide. For further advice and help finding your perfect corset get in touch, our team are always happy to support you and answer any questions you may have: sales@corset-story.com