Do Corsets Help Reduce your Tummy?

Do Corsets Help Reduce your Tummy?

Not sure how a corset might be able to benefit you? If you’ve ever questioned ‘do corsets help reduce your tummy?’ read on to discover the answer...

Corsets offer great shaping benefits, not only creating a super desirable hourglass figure, but also shaping and smoothing the tummy, boosting the bust and slimming the hips. Most commonly worn as shapewear, corsets can boost your confidence and help you feel great in that dress you’ve been waiting to wear. Read on to find out more about how corsets can help to reduce your tummy and more…

Corsets Explained Further

If you’re new to corsets, it’s worth taking the time to understand exactly how they work, to get to grips with the full range of benefits that they can offer. Corsets are best known for reducing the waist. Already the smallest part of your body, a corset cinches your waist in further to create a beautiful hourglass shape.

The benefits of wearing a corset in terms of shaping doesn’t end with your waist. Overbust corsets in particular offer smoothing and shaping across the entire torso. This is done by pulling in the waist, smoothing and slimming over the stomach and lifting the bust to create an allround more desirable and flattering shape.

Corsets achieve this in two ways - the first is with the steel boning, and the second is with the lacing. The steel boning that runs vertically through the corset provides strength to the garment, while the lacing pulls the fabric and boning in to create tension, specifically around the waist. If you’ve ever worn shapewear before such as high waisted underwear, the concept is similar in that it hugs you in, but in a much more effective way, focusing on the waist but offering slimming to the tummy and hips too.

Wearing a Corset to Slim your Tummy

Depending on your own unique needs, a number of corset styles could work to provide a slimming effect on your stomach. Those that would like to focus on reducing the size of their tummy would generally wear a corset under their clothing, making an underbust a great option. Underbust corsets focus the tension around your middle, pulling in your waist and smoothing your stomach for a flatter appearance.

An underbust corset needs to be worn with your own bra, so the end result is really down to what kind of bra you wear. If you choose a padded or push up bra this would have a similar effect to that of an overbust corset, whereas if you prefer not to boost your bust, a simple bra would work just fine.

An overbust corset will offer the same stomach slimming benefits, and can be worn on its own, under clothing or over should you prefer. Overbusts are the most versatile corsets, and will decrease the waist size, flatten the stomach as well as lift your bust. If you plan on wearing a corset alone, a corset top would be the best option. This collection of corsets provide the same great waist reduction, but are designed to be worn as tops, with some including off the shoulder sleeves and straps.

Another option you could consider is a waist trainer, but this really focuses on reducing the size of the waist, rather than the tummy as a whole. If you want to look and feel great, rather than feeling self conscious about your tummy, a corset is the best option to boost your confidence and ensure you feel amazing, no matter the occasion.

Corsets are a great asset to your wardrobe and can be worn daily or just for events and parties. With the ability to reduce the waist as well as slim the stomach, your corset will come to be a garment you rely on once you discover the amazing benefits it can offer.

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