Emerald Satin Embroidered Overbust Corset


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Waist reduction

One of our more popular styles, our Instant Shape ranges aim to create fashionable comfortable corsets, corsets have ribbon lacing for added comfort suitable for wearing all day long. These corset designs still boasting an impressively flattering 2" reduction. Gives you the appearance of a more toned silhouette.

Disguise rating

Corsets that will hide easily under looser clothes, they could be overbust's in cotton fabrics or cord laced that might make the corset visible under slim-fitting items, though likely won't have style feature that stick out under clothing. Comfortable & breathable, Suitable for wearing all day.

Comfort rating

Corsets from our outerwear collection, designed to be worn all day long, these corsets still might include a few features that stop a higher rating. Overbust corsets with off the shoulder sleeve might restive movement slightly. Some of these corsets might have front lacing and tie sleeves making them more adjustable but trickier to get on. Laced up with a ribbon for the sleekest lace finish. Sleek design with ribbon lacing.
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Instant Shape

Shape your waist, look one dress size slimmer instantly.

Whether you are looking for a fashion top or a comfortable undergarment, Instant Shape is a great entry level corset. Rated to a 2” Waist Reduction these garments have fully adjustable lacing allowing you to cinch your waist and smooth your shape.  Ribbon lacing makes this range easy to disguise under clothing, available in a wide range of patterns and fabrics including longline recommended for ladies over 5ft 7”

  • Rated to a 2” Waist Reduction.
  • Fully adjustable ribbon lacing & modesty panel
  • Loops for suspender clips as standard and loops for bra straps (overbust only)
  • The latest fashions featuring sleeves for extra coverage
  • Easy to disguise under most clothing
  • Spiral Steel Boning
  • Comfortable patterns often finished in breathable fabrics, perfect for everyday wear


Designed for a dramatic entrance, this lingerie-inspired overbust corset is a timeless design you’ll be reaching for all year round. The emerald satin and sheer, embroidered segments exude luxury and decadence, perfect for adding a touch of class to any look. Pair with leather trousers for a head-turning evening outfit, or style as a glamorous lingerie look, this design offers a 2” waist reduction for a smooth, standout silhouette.
  • Style: Overbust Corset, Regular Length
  • Range: Instant Shape
  • Corset Design Features: Mesh Panelling with Lace Appliqué, Adjustable Straps with Bows
  • Colour: Emerald, Black 
  • Fully Adjustable Lacing: 10mm Black Ribbon 
  • Achievable Waist Reduction: 2"
  • Strong Waist Tape
  • Back Modesty Panel
  • 4mm Lightweight Steel Bones, 7mm lightweight Flat Steel Bones
  • Outer Material: 100% Satin Polyester, Mesh 
  • Lining: 100% Cotton 

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