How To Incorporate Corsets Into Your Wardrobe This Spring

How To Incorporate Corsets Into Your Wardrobe This Spring

With the days getting brighter and warmer, and the possibility of lockdown easing ever-increasing, heading into this spring is probably the best excuse you’ve had to update your ‘drobe in the past 12 months. 

Need some tips on where to start? Look no further, we’ve got you covered. We’re putting together some of our hottest styles for this spring that will have you 🌸 blossoming 🌸 in no time.

Fresh Florals 

Get ready to bloom in these fresh floral prints, featuring gorgeous vibrant colours and super elegant necklines – spring won’t know what’s hit it! 

Not only are these corset tops a unique and quirky way to update your spring style, but they are also some of the most versatile designs you can incorporate into your seasonal wardrobe. Pair them with shorts, skirts, or even jeans for the fresher spring days, the possibilities are truly endless – with a chic and snatched look guaranteed! 

Must-have Dresses

Nothing quite says spring like the ability to finally wear something other than jeans, joggers or tights. Putting on that first dress of the year is always a great (and slightly intimidating but still great) feeling, and we think that these designs are totally leg-prep worthy.

Whether you’re pairing your favourite dress with some chunky kicks for your daily stroll/picnic, or finally taking your new heels out for a spin as part of your classy evening look, our corset dresses offer the support and sophistication to help carry you confidently throughout the season. 

Waspie Chic

If you’re a corset-novice looking to test the fine corsetry waters, or simply want a subtle yet unique accessory to pair with your OOTD, introducing a waspie into your spring style is definitely a great place to start. 

Waspies are the underbust corset’s little sister, featuring a slightly shorter torso length than your classic underbust, but with all the cinch power you’d find in a regular length corset. Not only do they offer the highest levels of performance and comfort, waspies are also incredibly easy to style and can be the perfect finishing touch to nearly all outfits!

If you need any assistance with choosing the right style for you, please email our Customer Service Team at for all the professional support and information you need!