Everything you Need to Know About Corset Sizing for Waist Training

Everything you Need to Know About Corset Sizing for Waist Training

Finding your perfect corset size for waist training and taming is essential to deliver the best results. Here’s everything you need to know about corset sizing.

When it comes to waist taming and expert training, getting your size just right is essential. That being said, many people who consider waist training are unsure exactly how sizing works and how to find their ideal size. Whether you’ve been waist training for some time now, or you’re just getting started, learning how to fully understand sizing is essential to your success…

The Importance of Correct Sizing…

Getting your size right when waist training is important for two reasons:

  1. 1. When using your waist trainer, the majority of tension in your corset will be focused on the smallest part of your body. If you choose the wrong size or take incorrect measurements, your waist trainer might be ineffective and could also be very uncomfortable.
  2. 2. Whether you’re ordering a waist trainer for the first time, or you’re buying a new size, receiving your waist trainer is really exciting and something most people really look forward to. Getting your sizing right first time avoids disappointment. If you discover your waist trainer doesn’t fit, this means sending it back and getting a replacement, which delays getting started. To avoid disappointment, take the time to understand how sizing works.

Getting to Grips With the Corset Story Range...

At Corset Story, we stock a variety of corsets in different styles and sizes, all of which are created to deliver the best possible results. The sizing varies across all of our collections, due to the fact that each range has different waist reducing levels.

Rather than having to take the time to learn about each individual collection, we have made things easy for you. Our sizing widget allows you to input your waist size, and with the single click of a button, gives you your perfect size across all of our collections.

To get started, scroll down to find the ‘how to measure your waist section’, which provides a full guide to take your measurements properly to ensure there aren’t any mistakes when it comes to finding your measurements.

In short, you will need to determine where you waist is, which is naturally the smallest part of your torso. You’ll then need to use a fabric tape measure around your waist and carefully record the measurement.

Once you have this measurement, you can pop it into our widget, which will then generate your perfect sizing for each style. As an extra precautionary measure in case you want to double check anything, there is a product size chart on every single corset listing, which includes the measurement tables and the ranges of sizes for the bust and hips too.

Good to Know Details…

Waist training and taming should be done carefully, so taking the time to understand a few key details to help you get the best results is a must…

  • • All of our corsets (excluding shapewear) feature fully adjustable lacing to the back. This enables you to adjust your corset around each curve of the body to create the perfect fit
  • • Our hip and bust measurement ranges should be used as a guide. Generally, our corsets can accommodate larger hip and bust sizes than displayed. Be aware that our corsets are unlikely to fit smaller hip and bust measurements without padding in place, so it’s worth being careful about your sizing
  • • We recommend that corsets are worn with a minimum of a two inch gap at the back. Your corset should never be fully closed at any point, as this can cause the corset to become loose and you’ll experience a loss of control of the tension. This two inch gap is already factored into our size charts
  • • Waist reduction might not be the primary reason why you choose to wear a corset. If this is the case, remember that the only thing keeping your corset in place is the tension, so adequate tension is a must.

Correct Sizing...

Finally, take a moment to fully understand how sizing works. As mentioned above, a two inch gap is factored into all of our sizing. For example, a 26 inch corset would be suitable for a natural waist of 29-30 inches. This would result in a 26 inch waist including the two inch gap. If you were to fully close the corset to the back, this would result in a 24 inch waist measurement.

Our sizing widget has been created to make understanding your perfect size across all of our products easy. If you’re still uncertain as to how sizing really works, you can rely on the widget to give you your perfect size, so if in doubt, use the widget ahead of ordering.

For any further sizing queries don’t hesitate to get in touch: sales@corset-story.com