Corsets and posture: meet your new WFH essential

Corsets and posture: meet your new WFH essential

2020 truly was a year like no other, and with many of us now adjusting to life working from home, it’s important that we stop to think about how these drastic lifestyle changes could be affecting both our mental and physical health.

Whether you love it or hate it, WFH certainly has both its pros (no commute AND more time with fur babies) and cons (total lack of human interaction). And on top of this, many of us just aren’t as equipped to comfortably carry out our full-time jobs from our own homes.

Home offices are undoubtedly diverse; from bedrooms to living room sofas, we have to make the most of what we have for our 9 to 5s! And with experts stating that WFH has made 60 hour working weeks ‘the norm’, it is crucial that we consider how our environment may be impacting not just our productivity, but our postures too.

We’ve all seen the terrifying predictions of what remote working could do to us in 25 years' time (here’s Susan, if you haven’t met her yet).


Whilst we think this may be a slight exaggeration, it did get us thinking – now is a better time than ever to start prioritising posture health.

Corsets have long been used to improve posture and, although they are more often hailed for their waist training properties nowadays, it's important to remember all of the health benefits this versatile garment has to offer.

When at your desk or laptop you may have tried to adjust the way you sit to avoid an 8-hour slouch, but this can often feel unnatural and once your concentration slips, so will your posture. Corsets are a fantastic posture-supporting garment that will do the work for you by helping you change the way you arch your back whilst sitting. They will effectively keep your spine straight and your muscles engaged, meaning it will be much more difficult for your shoulders to slump forward as you relax throughout the day.

Not only can they be great for your posture when used correctly, corsets are also a glamorous addition to your WFH wardrobe and a guaranteed mood booster, injecting some much needed fabulousness into your routine.

So, whether it’s a waspie under your PJs or one of our smart corset shirts for those important Zoom calls, there really is a corset for everyone’s WFH wardrobe. Browse our range of designs today to find your perfect match, and don’t hesitate to drop us an email for any advice or info you need to help make your decision: