7 First Date Corset Outfit Ideas To Help You Feel Confident This Spring/Summer

7 First Date Corset Outfit Ideas To Help You Feel Confident This Spring/Summer

As if they weren’t already intimidating enough, having spent over a year only really conversing with our household bubbles and fur babies can make a first date super anxiety-inducing. 

Will it be awkward? Where should we go? Do I even remember how to hold a conversation? All questions you’re probably asking yourself, that we unfortunately can’t give you definite answers for (but probably: yes, anywhere with cocktails, and no but we’re all in the same boat).

But the one question we can help you with… what should I wear?! 

That first date outfit is probably one of the biggest hurdles faced when planning to meet someone new, with researchers suggesting that within the first 7 seconds of introducing yourself, people will have a pretty solid impression of who you are. 

We’d like to think that our personalities are a little more in-depth than warranting only 7 seconds of attention, but we also think that there’s no harm in planning a 10/10 outfit too, just in case. 

So, let us be your stylist and do the hard work for you as you venture back out into the dating world, with 7 gorgeous first-date ‘fits that will have you exuding confidence in no time. 


1. An Unapologetic PVC Queen 

If you’re aiming for a daring and sexy, yet still sophisticated and stylish look, we have the perfect ‘fit for you right here. Pair our gorgeous PVC overbust with some white cigarette trousers, perspex heels and your favourite clutch for a total understated showstopper. 


2. Easy Breezy Summer Dream

Have you ever seen a more perfect summer date look?! Style our yellow off-the-shoulder corset top with your favourite maxi skirt and sandals, and you’ll be the brightest bombshell in the room for sure. 


3. For Style And Cinch 


We all dream of looking THIS snatched on our first date. But you know what they say, dreams really do come true. All you need to do is pair our pale satin pink corset top with your favourite pair of black jeans and some barely-there heels, for an unbelievably cinched and classy look.


4. The LBD That Demands All Attention 

This dress paired with those fluffy sandals is a look that really speaks for itself. Throw in a red lip, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to take their breath away. 


5. Vintage Charm 


We can’t quite get over how adorable this vintage-style outfit is 😍 It’s super simple, all you need are your most trusted denim shorts over our midnight blue and ivory overbust, and you’re onto a winner! 


6. City Chic!


The look that will have them thinking ‘ooh, she must be well travelled’, even if you haven’t ventured outside of your city in the past 12 months. Style our architectural overbust with a baby blue satin maxi skirt and some strappy heels, and you’ll be the most cultured gal about town. 


7. Subtle Yet Sophisticated  


Want to keep it low-key, but still make an impression? We get it, sometimes getting all dressed up to the nines can feel like a lot for a first date. But it doesn’t mean you can’t inject a little style into your OOTN! Add a little cinch to any outfit with our Astronomy Cotton Print Underbust 💫

Need some more corset outfit inspo? Check out our ‘How to incorporate corsets into your wardrobe this spring’ blog, and feel free to email us at sales@corset-story.com if you need any corsetry advice! 💕